SWAP TW – VN – VFI receive TWI token

We will swap out TW – VN – VFI tokens to the new TWI token.
The swap rate is as follows:
1 VFI = 6 TWI
50 VN = 1 TWI
5000 TW = 1 TWI

We will stop trading TW – VN – VFI tokens at all exchanges.
Once the swap is complete, the TWI token will be the only token used by the project.
TWI token details:
Total Supply: 200,000 TWI
Contract address: 0xdad26bce7dcf59cd03a2455558e4dd73e1c07b66
Type: ERC20

Some additional changes include:
Twitter project: https://twitter.com/tradewin_twi
Telegram chatrom global: https://t.me/tradewin_chat
Telegram chatrom Vietnam: https://t.me/tradewin_vietnam